John deere zero turn Z235 review

The EZtrak Z235 is John Deere’s introductory residential zero turn mower designed to replace the Z225 model with upgrades to the frame, controls, and comfort features.This zero turn mower is capable of side discharge, mulching, bagging.There are a number of other attachments available for yard maintenance.

John Deere has made some improvements in the Z235, including the addition of a low-fuel warning light and improving on the design of the side discharge chute, reducing clumping, and improving air flow, safety, and ease of use.

john deere z235

Their reputation and quality have always been high.Now for over 50 years John Deere has been building machines for residential use.The EZtrak Z235 is known for his quality, durability, comfort and to be one of the best entry level zero turn mowers on the market.

For all of you zero turn first time buyers maintenance is made easy by John Deere.Underneath the seat there are service interval decals that show what service is needed at which hours of operation. These will make it convenient for owners to keep up with all the recommended services which will prolong the life of the mower.

Features:z235 engine

20-HP V-twin Briggs and Stratton Engine

  • Twin cylinders provide greater torque with lower fuel consumption, noise, and vibration
  • Overhead valve design provides more power with less fuel
  • Easy access oil filter and drain plug for convenience maintenance
  • V-Twin 20 HP John Deere engines with cast-iron cylinder liner, overhead valves for increased fuel economy, more power and superior engine life

The John Deere private label’d Briggs and Stratton 20 horse power V-twin engine delivers good power with smooth operation.The over head valve design makes for more power and fuel economy.Cast iron cylinder walls make for long tasting durability.

At just 20 HP the Briggs’ & Stratton 656cc engine delivers just ample power to carry a maximum weight of 250lb plus one rider.

John Deere Z235 42 inchZero Turn Lawn Mower

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V-twin designs allow for less vibrations, greater torque and better sound quality. The V-twin is equipped with an electronic ignition for fast and painless starts. A full-pressure lubrication system helps deliver exceptional consent protection. This also helps oil distribution while operating on slopes.

All of the maintenance points for the engine are easily accessible. Oil changes are a breeze with the no tool needed oil drain valve. John Deere ensures to cover its engines with an engine protection guard. A intake screen cover snaps to the engine cover to keep damaging debris from entering into the engine.

Dual Hydro-Gear Transmissionsz235 transmision

  • Large 1″ axles give added durability
  • Low set design in mower frame allows for better hillside stability
  • Seal transmission is a maintenance free drivetrain

The maintenance free Hydro-Gear EZT is both strong and reliable.John Deere designed the transmissions to be set low to improve the center of gravity which allows for excellent hillside stability.

A tow valve control is provided for each transmission.They are located on the frame above each transmission. This allows for the Hydraulics to be disengaged so the mower can be moved freely without it running.

Don’t forget to re-engage these valves because the mower will not move otherwise.

42″ Edge Cutting System Mower Deck

  • Deck can side discharge, mulch, or bag cut
  • Deep deck design allos for superior cut quality in all modes
  • Easily clean with garden hose washout port
  • Massive 42 inch deck with dual set of wheels and a smooth underside to help keep the deck clean

The 42 inch deck makes light work of properties over 2 acre helping finish mowing in less than 2 hours at all times.

John Deere Z235 – Buying Options: Online on Amazon or Authorized Dealers


I haven’t yet come across any major necessity of service nor replacement. However, some clients have complained in thecutting deck past about the noise and the sudden dullness of the blades.

I guess John Deere decided to cut costs on this model by trying to go consumer grade.You will be better served using ear plugs, your m3 player and a brand new set of professional blades.

Other Comfort and Convenience Features

  • Oversize front caster wheels for smoother ride
  • Eighteen position motion control lever for the perfect feel
  • Cup Holder
  • Cover storage under seat

Designed exclusively for residential users, this ZTR is efficient, affordable and laden with superior trimming abilities. It features EZtrak heavy-duty frame, conventional two-handle controls and large tires.

No complains as far as ease of use is concerned.Remember that when you purchase John Deere riding lawn mowers, you also get a free demo from a qualified technician who shows you around the Zero turn mower.

Driving it is a bit different compared to similar models from other makers, but the ultimate result is always consistent and even, regardless of the slope or type of surface. Operating up or downhill with this ZTR is always safe and quick. However, try not to climb hills if the surface appears even remotely wet.

  • Maintenance is easy
  • Comfortable adjustable high-back seat
  • Fast and easy to maneuverability
  • Deck wash makes for easy clean up of the cutting deck.
  • Service Interval Sticker under the seat ensures you wont miss a service
  • Lower center of gravity makes it easy to go under tree branches and easier use on slopes

  • Lighter weight may cause some traction issues on wet grass or slopes
  • No fuel gauge


Steel construction of the frame and deck make it sure that the Z235 will last for years.John Deere’s high quality engine built with durable parts is sure to last. Many say that a deere is that last mower they’ll ever buy.

For the entry level person with a smaller yard this is the right machine.Overall any homeowners with smaller yards or first time zero turn owners cannot go wrong with the John Deere EZtrak Z235 Zero Turn Mower.

For the price when compared to other mowers in this price range, EZtrak brings unparallelled value and quality.

John Deere Z235 Zero-Turn Riding Mower

For the price when compared to other mowers in this price range, EZtrak brings unparallelled value and quality.
8.6 Total Score

For the price when compared to other mowers in this price range, EZtrak brings unparallelled value and quality.

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