MoJack ZR Lawn Tractor Lift

MoJack ZR lift is designed to raise the front of most residential lawn tractors and residential zero turn mowers.This unique design combines the stability of a scissor lift with the MoJack wheel pad design of the MoJack Lifts.

The ZR Lift, at a 250 lb. maximum load capacity, raises the front end of a residential lawn tractor or residential zero-turn mower up to 20″.

lawn tractor lift


The wheel pads are adjustable ranging from 17.5″ to 45″ between the outside front tires. The ZR lift lowers to a flat position of 5.75″ in height for easy storage.

  • Lifting capacity: 250 lbs (lifting front end only, not total weight of mower)
  • Lifting height: 20″ high
  • Fits any residential lawn tractor and small ZTR mower on the market
  • Wheel span measurement: 17.5″-45″ inside to outside front wheel measurement
  • Easily lifted with one hand or a power drill, Folds flat for easy, compact storage
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