Poulan Pro P46ZX Zero Turn Mower

The Poulan Pro P46ZX is yet another great model in Poulan’s new Pro line of mowers.It comes with many convenient features that make controlling it a pleasure, and we believe that it is very accommodating to both beginners and advanced users alike.

The P46ZX  is powered with a 22 hp Briggs Stratton engine which can mow 2.4 acres per hour.The P46ZX Zero Turn Mower uses heavy duty caster and wheels. It also features a dual hydro-gear EZT drive system and has adjustable.

poulan proIt also includes a digital hour meter, a nose roller, 3 anti-scalp rollers and easy-to-operate dual levers with foam padded hand grips.With a top forward speed of 6 mph and 3 mph reverse speed, you are ready to tackle large projects or smaller ones.

Operating the P46ZX is made easy with levers and controls that are easy to reach and use when needed.

Enginepoulan pro engine

The P46ZX is powered by a 22 HP Briggs &Stratton Professional Series engine and features a robust 46 inch two bladed steel deck.

The powerful 22-horsepower Briggs V-Twin Pro engine moves the Poulan Pro at a respectable–though not blazing–maximum clip of 6 miles per hour, while the 3.5-gallon fuel capacity and efficient ZTR allow riders to cut up to 2.4 acres of land per hour.

  • 22 hp Briggs & Stratton Professional Series
  • 540 cc cylinder displacement
  • 3.5 gal fuel tank volume

In case you did not know, Briggs and Stratton is one of the major engine makers that design products for the best landscape equipment.

Its highly robust consumer grade engine ensures that the Poulan Pro P46ZX packs in quite a punch in terms of power and speed.Its performance meets high expectations and then some.

Moreover, the gasoline-fueled T-Twin pro engine assures users of an easy and comfortable ride even over tough terrains.

Poulan Pro P46ZX Zero Turn Mower - Free Shipping

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Hydrostatic Transmissionz235 transmision

Probably the one feature that makes the Poulan Pro P46ZX so popular is its smooth operation which is primarily due to the innovative hydrostatic transmission.This transmission makes it easy for the mower to be maneuvered around tough terrain.

The zero turn capability of the mower makes it possible for the machine to turn on its axis.So, when you are manicuring your lawn with the P46ZX you can expect to see no grass uncut and no area left behind.The professional finish is a match for any other riding mower regardless of price.

The Poulan Pro has a dual wheel hydro transmission which allows for more maneuverability. It lets you go forward, backward, right and left by only moving your arms back and forwards.There is no longer need to strain yourself.This allows you to cover more ground more quickly, cutting down on your cutting time.

46” Reinforced Cutting Deck

The 46-inch cutting deck shows that the mower means business and the reinforcement makes the machine durable and long lasting.Though it’s slightly larger than other zero turn mowers the Poulan Pro P46ZX makes it easy for you to mow a large lawn within a just few hours.

The 46-inch deck is large enough to get the job done quickly and efficiently, and when the handling and speed are added, it makes for a perfect mower.It has a 3.5-gallon fuel tank and a two-year warranty on the engine.

This, coupled with the ten-year warranty on the deck makes it the best riding lawn mower for the money.With a wide 46-inch deck, great handling, and respectable speed, the Poulan Pro will knock out your long-grassed yard with ease, giving you time to relax with a cold drink when you’ve finished your chore.

Granted, the smaller-than-average deck size means the job will take a little longer than it would using other models, but getting through 2.4 acres per hour with the P46ZX is not a bad rate.And, when considering the mowing rate, you’ve got other factors to think about such as the rider’s weight, the terrain you’re dealing with, and weather conditions.

The 46-inch reinforced deck also comes with a 10-year limited warranty so you don’t need to worry about repair if something goes wrong.

Accessible Control Panelpoulan pro

The access panel of the mower is cleverly placed so it is within easy reach. Don’t worry about straining your hand either.

Thanks to a wisely positioned panel, you will easily be able to operate the dual levers without a problem.

This ease of access also makes it possible for you to move the P46ZX around your lawn and hurdles like flower beds, trees and fountains.

So if you are not used to driving a large mower and are worries about running into things or ruining your flower beds the Poulan Pro P46ZX is your best option.

The Poulan Pro zero turn mowers will be the workhorse you desire, and will quickly turn that messy lawn into the gem your neighborhood will be envious of–in a flash.For the money, the Poulan Pro is the best zero turn mower in its class.

Poulan Pro P46ZX Zero Turn Mower - Free Shipping

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Cut Quality 

Accommodating to both beginners and advanced users, the Poulan Pro has many convenient features that make it another outstanding model in the company’s Pro line of mowers.What most stands out with the Poulan Pro is its outstanding turning ability.

As advertised, it rotates in place any time you need it to.The machine’s wheel speed and rotation are controlled by two levers (not a steering wheel) that are simple to use after you’ve had enough practice.It turns smoothly around corners and has perfect rotation.


Check the grass-catcher components and discharge guard often, and replace them with the recommended parts when necessary.Make sure that all nuts and bolts are secure and torqued, especially the ones that fasten the blade attachments.

Use caution when servicing the battery and sharpening the blade.Check the functionality of the parking brake and service as necessary.

Regularly clean the top and underside of the deck, and avoid spraying the engine and all electrical components with water.All maintenance recommendations, and when to take care of them, are detailed in the manual.


  • Front tire size: 11×4-5 rear tire size: 18×8.5-8.
  • Deck lifting system is manual, hand operated.
  • Aluminum vented spindle/mandrel.
  • Deck Wash-Out Port for easy clean-up
  • Medium height Vinyl seat with built in slide.
  • Digital Hour meter and cup holder included
  • Fuel tank volume (with reserve) 3.5 gal
  • Weighs 430 lbs.
  • Homeowner Warranty 3 Year Limited
  • Adjustable cutting height that ranges from 1 1/2 inches to 4 inches in 1/2 inch increments.
  • Comfortable to operate. Great job mowing
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Easy to use after getting use to it
  • Amazing maneuverability
  • Cuts well
  • Low vibration

  • Learning curve from standard riding mower

Now thats what I call mowing and saving time,The Poulan Pro P46ZX offer the best in comfort, durability and performance.

The P46ZX offers one of the best values for what you’ll pay in the zero-turn category of riding lawn mowers, and the zero-turn features means mowing the lawn will occur at a speedier, more efficient rate.

Poulan Pro P46ZX Zero Turn Mower

The Poulan Pro P46ZX is loaded with many features that will provide the homeowner with a new mowing experience.
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The Poulan Pro P46ZX is loaded with many features that will provide the homeowner with a new mowing experience.

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