Snapper 285Z Zero Turn Mower

The Snapper 285Z zero turn riding mower includes convenient, at your fingertip controls for simple operation. With features like the dependable Briggs & Stratton Professional Series™ Engine for trouble-free operation and durable HydroGear transaxles, the 285Z mower is a built to last.Further durability is provided by the innovative bumper attached to the rear of the Snapper 285Z.

Snapper 285ZThis zero turn mower is designed to keep its powerful Briggs & Stratton engine in good condition no matter what goes flying through the average driver’s lawn; every model comes with a full, wrap-around bumper that completely surrounds and protects the mower’s engine.


Dependable Briggs & Stratton® Enginesnapper engine

Briggs & Stratton Professional Series™ Overhead Valve Engines have full-pressure lubrication and spin-on oil filters for years of trouble-free lawn mowing performance.

Unlike many of its competitors, this powerful mower packs a Briggs & Stratton engine. It’s a single-cyldiner, 21 horsepower engine that can handle sheet and uneven terrains with ease, and can adjust to properly cut a flat lawn as well.

When paired with the mower’s electronic height control that can create anything from turf to a fuller, more traditional lawn, it’s the ultimate in durability and capability.

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Engine Protection

This wrap-around steel engine enclosure helps protect critical components from a potential oops or uh-oh.

Deck Type – Stamped Steel – Cutting Width (inches) 52

deckThere’s nothing fragile about the Snapper 285Z zero turn lawn mower. In fact, the most fragile part of the mower might be the person who’s operating it at any given time.

That’s because this high-quality mower comes with a 12-guage steel frame that is stamped specifically to keep the mower’s lawn-facing parts in great condition over the course of its long lifespan.

Built to Last

360 degree caster mower wheels let you bob and weave.The cast-iron front axle and heavy-duty frame will survive years of tough use in rugged environments.

Unlike other mowers, which might come into contact with rocks and make their next appearance at a junkyard, the Snapper 2085Z zero turn mower is designed to withstand impacts, rough terrains, and even unexpected objects in a law.

That’s a pretty good feature, considering most lawns are made of dirt and, necessarily, rocks — rocks which might send other mowers to the scrap heap.

Where Can You Buy The Snapper 285Z ?

Considering their low price and free shipping option, Amazon is the best place to buy this Zero Turn Lawn Mower.

Convenient Zero Turn Controls

Throttle, mower engagement and electric height-of-cut are at your fingertips while mowing the grass.The whole point of buying a zero turn lawn mower like the Snapper 285Z is to enable homeowners to create a professional-looking lawn without hiring any professionals.

To that end, the zero turn lawn mower has to be easy to steer and handle throughout the yard; the Snapper pairs sensitive and capable steering with easy hand controls and gears that make this a reality.

Durable Hydrostatic Transaxles

Reliable Hydro-Gear®EZT® hydrostatic transmission for low maintenance lawn mowing.

More Cut Height Options

The electric grass height-of-cut control gives you infinite cutting height options so it’s easy to trim the lawn.

Advanced Zero Turn Mowing

Snapper® Zero Turn Riding Mowers offer only the best cutting features from Marbain™ steel mower blades that stay sharp longer to our stamped mower deck with aerodynamic characteristics built for efficient lawn cutting and disbursement of grass clippings.

  • 52-inch Cutting Deck
  • Comfortable Operation
  • Cuts well
  • Hydro-Gear EZT hydrostatic transmission
  • Accurate mowing and driving

  • EZT Transmissions doesn’t allow for heavy tow capacity

Snapper 285Z Zero Turn Mower

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This Snapper 285Z zero turn lawn mower is a good choice for you, endowed with a massive deck, dependable large engine and a loads of torque and power.
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This Snapper 285Z zero turn lawn mower is a good choice for you, endowed with a massive deck, dependable large engine and a loads of torque and power.

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