Stanley 54″ Commercial Duty Zero Turn Riding Mower

Stanley’s 54ZSG3 zero turn mower was designed for those heavy-duty users that want a dependable riding mower at a great value.Its powerful 24 HP Kawasaki FR619V engine delivers the speed and power to cut more grass in less time, and is constructed of durable 7-Gauge steel to withstand most environments.

Stanley 54 ComercialAdded safety features such as a roll bar, seat belts and halogen head lights not only provide added comfort during use but allow you to work at your pace any time and on any terrain.

If you are looking for a mower that delivers a professional finish cut in less time every time, this 54-inch commercial-duty zero turn riding mower may be the right fit for you.

There are four key product specs that will help streamline the decision process.This mower is powered by 24-HP FR691V Kawasaki Engine (reaching a top speed of 10 mph); designed with a 7.5-gallon tank extending periods between refueling allowing you to cut more grass in less time for enhanced safety during operation, has a roll bar and seat belt, has a patented dual-hydrostatic drive system that provides safe and precise handling.

Includes additional comfort features: roll bar, seat belt, adjustable high-back seat with arm rests, halogen headlights and a cup holder. Measures 75 by 66 by 90-inch and comes with a commercial lifetime warranty on the mower frame (original owner only).

Stanley 54 Commercial Duty Zero Turn Riding Mower

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Product Features:24hp-kawasaki-fr691v

  • Powered by an electric start 24 hp Kawasaki FR691V 726cc engine

The mower has a Kawasaki FR691 series engine that is 726 cubic centimeters in size and delivers 24 horsepower.This engine is specifically designed to deliver the kind of power and performance needed to run a heavy duty commercial grade zero turn mower.

The FR691V engine is a commercial-grade powerplant that meets your yard’s toughest demands.This 4-cycle engine features automatic compression release and an internally vented carburetor.

It has an electronic spark ignition for reliable starts every time and a rotating grass screen to prevent it from becoming jammed with clippings.

  • Substantial heavy-duty construction with 12-gauge steel with 7-gauge reinforced clutch plate for durability
  • 54″ cutting width to mow a wide swath with each pass

Commercial grade zero turn mowers like this one have the kind of durable parts, powerful engines and wide cutting decks to make them well equipped for the most difficult jobs out there. The Stanley 54ZSG3 zero turn mower has a massive 54 inch wide cutting deck with two cutting blades made of durable steel.The wider cutting deck means you will be able to cut your lawn in fewer passes and less time.

  • Speeds of up to 10 mph help reduce cutting time

The hydrostatic transmission provides differential power to the rear wheel drive, which is what makes the Stanley 54ZSG3 so maneuverable. The operator can bring one of the two rear wheels to a complete stop while still providing full power to the other wheel using the dual steering levels and assisted by the hydrostatic transmission.

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This allows the mower to literally spin 360 degrees on its own axis. Cornering and maneuvering in tight spaces is a breeze with a zero turn mower like this one. The transmission also allows for easy shifting from one speed to another, and the mower’s top forward speed of 10.0 mph ensures that you will be finishing jobs more quickly than ever.

There are a number of other excellent features on the Stanley 54ZSG3.The mower is equipped with great accessories designed to increase the convenience and comfort level of operating it, and the cockpit is ergonomically designed, with a number of great safety features.

The cutting deck and frame of the mower are manufactured out of durable materials that will hold up to repeated use over the long term.

  • Quick-adjust floating deck goes from 1 1/2″ to 5″ in 1/2″ increments
  • Patented dual hydrostatic drive system provides ultimate maneuverability
  • Patented soft start clutch and spindle brakes for longer belt life and lower maintenance
  • 22″ x 10″ rear tires and 15″ x 6″ front tires for a smooth ride
  • Roll bar, headlights, seat belt, arm rests and cup holder for added safety and comfort

The cockpit of the Stanley 54ZSG3 is equipped with a number of great accessories and safety features that ensure you are always riding in the utmost comfort and convenience while you are operating it. Along with little extra amenities such as a cup holder, high seat back with adjustable arm rests, and high powered halogen headlights, the mower has a seat belt and roll bar to ensure you are completely safe from accidents or rollovers while you are using it.

A zero turn mower offers a lot of advantages to its owner: it is more maneuverable than any other lawn mower you could find on the market; it has a wider cutting deck than other riding mowers are able to offer; and it has a more powerful engine than many other mowers do. There are a number of great features that make the Stanley 54ZSG3 a good commercial grade zero turn mower, and these are what contribute to its star rating.

  • Powerful Kawasaki FR691 Series engine
  • 54 inch wide cutting deck for more efficiency
  • Great accessories and safety features
  • Manufactured from durable materials
  • Smooth drive and high top speed

  • The mower may not handle inclines very well

Stanley 54" Commercial Duty Zero Turn Riding Mower

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There are a number of other excellent features on the Stanley 54ZSG3.
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There are a number of other excellent features on the Stanley 54ZSG3.

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